SPEP01 – VMWorld Barcelona 2016

Join us in our first special episode of the podcast at VMWorld 2016. We were lucky enough to get some exclusive 1-2-1 time with some of the vRockstars in the community and hear a little about what they think.

We have covered the following on this episode with further to come (When Gareth can edit!)

Introducing Ather Beg (@AtherBeg) to the PodCast and our thoughts of the time so far

Interview with Corey (@vCommunityGuy)

A word from CloudCredibility Manger NoellGrier (@CloudCredGeek) and Andy Nash (@andynash99)

A selection of VDM participants and two of the winners Steven Viljoen (@StevenViljoen), Lubomir Zvolensky (@LuboZvolensky) , (Abdullah)^2 (@do0dzZZ) , Katarina Wagnerova (@_KatkaW_)

A one to one with Ather

Some time with Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell)

Closing off with Joe Baguley (@JoeBaguley)

Gareth • 24th October 2016

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